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Welcome to Integrative Systems + Design (ISD)—an inclusive and innovative community for lifelong education. Through a broad array of programs and deliveries, ISD integrates disciplines within the University of Michigan College of Engineering and across our campus to create innovative learning paths at the intersection of research and practice. No matter where you are in your career, we invite you to learn more about ISD's Learning Paths and to become a part of our community.


Leaders and Best

ISD is dedicated to educating leaders who think transformatively and create lasting value in the workplace and society. True to being "Leaders and Best," we do not settle. We forge paths that inspire others, and push relentlessly for quality and preeminence in all we do.



Integrated Mobility For The Future

Integrative Systems + Design offers innovative interdisciplinary continuing education for automotive engineers with an emphasis on systems and design thinking. Programs are grounded in research and conducted by the College of Engineering, including faculty from the Transportation Research Institute and Mcity.


ISD Learning Paths

Whether you want to advance your career or company or to update or seek new knowledge, ISD provides a multipath model for lifelong education that can be customized to meet your learning goals and is flexible as they evolve. Our program and delivery paths empower you to learn what you want, when you want, how you want.

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I was able to mold my program into the specific degree that was most interesting and beneficial for me. . . the flexibility in the program allowed me to take classes that I enjoyed while meeting all of the degree requirements.

—2018 ISD Graduate

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ISD Learning Paths

Program Paths

ISD's interdisciplinary programs give you the opportunity to earn a graduate degree, a graduate certificate, professional certification—or all three. Program options range from a five-hour course module to a five-year graduate degree, giving you the flexibility to create a learning plan that works for you or your organization.



To become true innovators, engineers and scientists need both a depth of knowledge in their specific discipline and a breadth of knowledge across complementary areas. Our graduate degree and certificate programs emphasize this interdisciplinary approach in order to create transformative thinkers and innovative leaders.


A leader in professional development for 80 years, ISD offers a wide range of interdisciplinary short courses and noncredit certificate programs taught by U-M faculty, lecturers, and industry experts. Our programs provide companies and individuals the opportunity to learn, grow, and gain a competitive edge.


Cultivate your team's talent with a custom program built around your needs. In our 25 years of custom education, we have partnered with thousands of companies from a wide range of industries. Existing programs can be customized for your organization, or we can co-design a new program to meet your organizational needs.


Delivery Paths

Programs are available in whatever way is most convenient for you or your organization, whether on campus, online, on location, or via a combination of delivery paths.


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On Campus

Programs and courses are taught by U-M faculty, affiliates, and industry partners in vibrant Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Innovative learning experiences are created for students around the globe using the latest distance learning technology.

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On Location

Custom programs are
co-designed with you and then delivered at a site convenient for your organization.

Engineering Your Way Forward


We look forward to learning about your educational goals, partnering with you to design an ISD Learning Path, or collaborating with your organization.



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Engineering Your Way Forward

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We succeed in facing complex challenges by working together—across the campus, state, or globe. Join our lifelong learning community by collaborating with us.


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Inside ISD

Take a look Inside ISD: see who we are, what excites us, and where our community for lifelong education is going—hopefully with you as a part of it.


Engineering FuturesEngineering Futures
What can you do with an ISD degree?
Over the last twenty years, ISD has conferred over 2,500 degrees to engineers and leaders who are testing the boundaries of their fields while maintaining the rigor and work ethic instilled during their time at Michigan...

Graduate- Less

Alumni Profile - Beth Ann Less
When Beth Ann Less arrived at the University of Michigan as an undergraduate student, she hit the ground running (and biking, and swimming).

Faculty Award

2018 Integrative Systems + Design Departmental Faculty Award

ISD congratulates Dr. Suljo Linic on winning the 2018 Integrative Systems + Design Departmental Faculty Award. This honor is bestowed upon faculty who achieve high impact accomplishment in some meritorious area benefiting the Division and College.

Lukas Mueller

Student Profile - Lukas Mueller
What made Lukas Mueller go into engineering? Initially, his love for cars! More importantly, Lukas was inspired to help people and build things that matter.

Student Profile - DUNN

Student Profile - Dow Sustainability Fellow Kevin Dunn
ISD student Kevin Dunn recently earned the distinction of being named a Dow Sustainability Fellow. The program encourages fellows to focus on a variety of sustainability challenges and to work on those challenges by engaging in a year-long group project.