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The people of ISD represent a cross-section of intellectual resources, talent, and academic accomplishment. In order to provide innovative educational opportunities in an interdisciplinary setting, ISD draws upon the breadth and depth of the College of Engineering and the broader campus including art and design, business, literature, science and the arts, medicine, and public policy.

Our current Program Directors have affiliations with Architecture, Art, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Finance, Industrial and Operations Engineering, Information, Marketing, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Statistics. Our faculty is even more diverse and our short courses feature the best and brightest of U-M and industry experts.

In addition to teaching and research, our faculty maintains productive collaborations with industry. ISD students learn about cutting-edge technologies and processes as they are being developed on campus and frequently can gain experience in real-world settings.

ISD staff members are committed to the collaborative spirit of the Division and are highly motivated to assist students, both on campus and online. A valuable resource, they are particularly good at trouble shooting, helping students avoid potential pitfalls, and finding creative solutions to craft win-win situations. Email queries are monitored throughout the day and students are welcome to schedule face-to-face meetings.

Our non-credit professional education staff members are experts at organizing seamless short courses that enable engineers, managers, and technical professionals to be more effective, productive, and competitive.

To provide up-to-the-minute video to our online students, ISD maintains a suite of tools and resources to support online learning and collaboration including two classroom video studios outfitted with the latest instructional technology.